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Women's Football TV™

Women's Football TV video on demand content is divided into two sections, Latest Video and the Video Archive containing a selection of over 12 years of Women's Football filming and programme making work which will be extended further back as time and funds permit. Here's click buttons to those sections:
Latest Video  
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Video Archive  
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Women's Football TV Video On Demand Example
Here's a real example of HQ Video On Demand Quality being received, the quality is good and better than standard regular TV.

Receiving Women's Football TV™

Receive Quality Video with 3G or Broadband, here's the current video options:
Wommen's Football TV video on demand for Mobile Phones  MP4 Video for 3G Mobile Phones (580kbps), best with media phones with a screen not less than 480 pixels wide
Wommen's Football TV video on demand for PC - Low Quality  WMV Low Quality for PC's with SLOW internet connections (330kbps)
Wommen's Football TV video on demand for PC - Standard Quality  WMV Medium Quality for PC's with AVERAGE connections (1000kbps)
Wommen's Football TV video on demand for PC and TV - High Quality  WMV High Quality for TV and PC FAST connections (2000kbps)
Wommen's Football TV video on demand for PC and TV - High Definition  WMV High Definition for TV and PC with HIGH SPEED connections (4000kbps)
As the technology develops we will be adding new video options to include new formats.
Please see Help with Slow Intenet Connections further down.
If you have other problems receiving video please tell us your PC or Phone details
 click here  to email us
For Windows PC's check you have the latest Windows Media Player  
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For Regular TV's you can link PC's to most TV sets with a cable or wireless link (ask at your PC shop) or use one of the latest Set Top Boxes that allow you to use your TV to fully browse the internet (like a PC) and play standard video material (eg: MP4, WMV formats). Important: Set top boxes are not allways compatible with industry standards, many media companies have been rushing to launch set top boxes that lock out other providers of content and favour their own selected material. Please tell us if you have problems, we will help.

Get Your Club on TV

We welcome the submission of Women's Football video material for inclusion in Women's Soccer Scene Media and Video Archive. Video can be clips of play, interviews, funny moments or promoting a club,   click here   to email us

Women's Football DVD's - wvpTV Women's Football DVD's

DVD's and broadcast quality video are available. For DVD's
 click here  to email us your requirements as follows:
  • Select up to one hour of video material from the the Latest or Archive Video pages (cut and paste the full titles into your email, the run times are in brackets)
  • Tell us how many copies you want, single DVD's cost 11.95 (UK pounds) inc. p&p
  • Provide your post address for delivery (must be same as card holder)
We will confirm by email and send you a credit / debit card payment link.
Large Discounts are available directly to club secretaries for any quantity over one. Sales of DVD's help meet the film production costs.

More About Women's Football TV

Women's Football TVs' current primary purpose is to promote the women's game and demonstrate the high quality of play. In time this is intended to encourage game attendance, fan interest, sponsors revenue, advertisers and ultimately some share of revenue for participating clubs as the women's game economy develops.

Help with SLOW INTERNET Connections

Unfortunately a number of people are provided with poor quality connections by their ISP's (Internt Service Provider), not all ISP's provide the same thing although it may appear to have the same name and specification as others.
If it is the ISP at fault it can be a simple matter to move to a better one even if you've signed up for a long time, the connection may have been mis-sold to you, the important point, is the ISP failing to provide the promissed service? and how can you easily find out.
Most major ISP's (eg: BT, Virgin, BE, O2) are easily able to automatically test your phone line and tell you in advance the speed you will get, so ask the question or find the test button on their website and print the results in case you need to claim later, don't listen to the inflated claims in the advertising, very few people if any get the advertised speeds.
Some ISPs do not have a local presence, especially in rural small town areas, many simply sell you another providers product. When switching supplier, you can end up buying exactly the same thing back with the previous problems, the only thing that changes is the name of the supplier.
Beware of the so called Unlimited Downloads claims, some big ISPs claims are false. One big ISP approached us (Sep 2010) offering "up to 25Mbps" and "Totally Unlimited... and film downloads", but it was a con... it cost 25% more, the line test worked out half our current speed and the hard to find small print revealed movie size downloads resulted in a speed cut of 75% for five hours.
One of the consistently good ISPs we've found that offers a genuine fully unlimted high speed connection is BE (, we've tested one major city and one small rural town location over 4 years and got full service 24/7,
If your line test promissed 5Mbps (ie: 5000kbps or 5 million bits per second) or more you are entitled to get reasonably near this when there is no internet congestion (eg: off peak times), you can easily run connection speed tests at any time using the speed test link below.
The following image shows an actual speed test of an unlimited 8Mbps connection from a leading ISP (cost 19.50 UK pounds per month Sep 2006) at a peak time (7pm UK), this is almost 70% of the promissed speed at peak time all the way from New York City USA.
Video on Demand Internet Speed Test
Try the Speed Test Link  
 click here 
Some ISP's deliberately restrict your available speed, this can be due to monthly use limits being exceded when you do not have an unlimited service or it can just be they wish to maximise profits and cut the available speed (some seem to assume users will be too dumb to realise what is going on). High performance unlimited internet connection packages are relatively cheap if you look around, 24Mbps is already available in some areas for as little as 20 UK pounds per month, which puts some of the 2Mbps packages (12 times slower) costing around 15 UK pounds per month into perspective (prices correct at Aug 2010).
The rush to Video On Demand (VOD) by new players like the BBC, Virgin, BT, Sky and others (we've already been providing VOD for 10 years) presents its own problems of draining available internet speed and a conflict of interest for those who provide both internet connections and Video On Demand, there's already evidence suggesting that some are giving their own VOD services priority, thus slowing their competitors VOD and reducing the quality available at the customers internet connection. We hope Ofcom will stamp out any such practice.
It is important to keep your TV / Set Top Box or Computer System and media player up to date by downloading the available updates, a missing update could stop you playing enhanced video content.
Somtimes the cause of slow internet connection performance can be your computer operating system, eg: MS Windows. For example, years ago, many people changing to a new Windows XP computer suddenly found their internet connection speed slowed drasticaly (compared to Windows 98SE). The problem in many cases was Microsoft (the Windows software maker) had changed Windows XP without telling users that they would need to change special hidden settings within Windows XP to get their original connection performance, it took months to find this out, once done speed increased 400% back to normal.

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